Dubai Model Agency

The Dubai Model Agency is the world’s most prestigious model agency. Although Dubai is relatively new to the world of modelling, it has been quick to catch up due to it’s natural ability to attract the biggest fashion and cosmetic brands throughout the world. The Dubai Model Agency has meticulously selected only those with the highest qualifications and decades of experience from around the world to be consultants, tutors, agents, managers and scouts to ensure that the Dubai Model Agency not only stands shoulder to shoulder with it’s European counterparts, but offers the highest quality of service available throughout the world. Fashion is a cultural stand point and The Dubai Model Agency reflects the beautiful city of Dubai by showcasing it’s culture alongside diversity. The Dubai Model Agency’s primary focus is to train UAE residents to increase the level of home grown talent, both home and abroad and educate models through artist development. The Dubai Model Agency was purchased for an undisclosed amount by wealthy European entrepreneur Gerald Hodge a.k.a NOX, founder of the multi million dollar Bad Candy Model Agency, which is directly responsible for thousands of modelling careers worldwide.